Try these tools to prepare your pentest report

Try these tools to prepare your pentest report
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Everyone dreads preparing report, post-work. However, it is extremely important for the customer.

Customers pay for report, not for the pentest.

Here are some of the tools (free and paid) that may help you in report generation, so that you configure it once, and run it multiple times.

It goes hand-in-hand with pentest data management tools, explains why some of the tools below focus on data management, with reporting as added feture.

For all aspiring pentesters, it is a good idea to contribute to some of the open source reporting tools below. It will not only add to your CV, but will also help you gain insight into a developer mindset.

One can harness those insights into his/her pentest methodology/ workflow, may help in identifying more vulnerabilities.

Please note that reporting is one feature, among others (e.g., project management, pentest data management, etc.). I believe that vanilla reporting will only remain in open-source.

Free Tools

  1. PwnDoc
  2. GhostWriter (by Specterops, a project management and reporting engine)
  3. DART
  4. Kvasir (an introduction)
  5. Dradis
  6. MagicTree (Mostly data management, with reporting as an option)
  7. Serpico (no update on the tool since 2020, as pointed out by a member, Mr. Marvis)
  8. PeTeReport
  9. APTRS
  10. Hexway Community
  11. Blackstone
  12. SysReptor
  13. ReportRanger
  14. VulnRepo
  15. WriteHat
  16. reconmap
  1. PlexTrac
  2. AttackForge
  3. Pentest-Tools
  4. Dradis Pro
  5. Security Reporter
  6. Cyver Core
  7. Faraday
  8. Hexway Pro
  9. HaxHQ

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