Business will expect you to support them in non-pentesting activities...

...supporting business will help you learn the big picture and will make you better. Don't skip it, when asked. Third in the 'things no pentest course will teach you' series, this post talks about activities that a pentester can support a business into, and how a pentester will benefit out of them.

Business will expect you to support them in non-pentesting activities...
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This is part of a series of posts, first one here.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, a pentester is a critical, but one of the many, part in the overall business.

It also means that all those business parts (recruiter, marketing, sales, pre-sales, project management, project lead, etc.) always need some inputs from pentester. Those inputs not only make their lives easier, but also helps them perform better. And, they appreciate your contribution which helps you during ‘appraisal time’. Everyone wins.

If you, as a pentester, support them, it will help you in your career (not just in one-off appraisal).

Let’s examine how.

Contributing to other allied functions within will help you grow into a better team player, who understands what everyone brings to the table, and can contribute to it as well.

Makes you a juicier candidate (than others), in the job and while looking for the job.

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