Security is a cost centre

security is a cost centre in every company, except ...

Security is a cost centre
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Investopedia defines a cost centre as a department/ function within a company that doesn't add to profits, but needs money to operate. e.g., human resources, accounting, admin/ housekeeping, etc.

They also define a profit centre (in the same page) as a function/ department that adds to profit by their actions. examples include sales, business development, activities directly related to a company's primary line of business, etc.

In most of the companies, information security is implemented because some regulation/ law/ customer asks for it, lest they lose their business/ customer. Companies whose shares are traded in public, banks, insurance companies, etc. are examples of some organisations that have some security related mandates to follow.

It is a cost centre everywhere else.

Every CISO knows it, then why am I talking about it?

Because 'yad bhaavam, tad bhavati' (as the intention, so you shall be).


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