appeared on br3akpoint with neelu tripathi

So, this happened. I appeared on a podcast. br3akpoint by Neelu Tripathy. spoke about ISO 27001, implementation challenges, and other nuances related to it.

appeared on br3akpoint with neelu tripathi
Photo by Kate Oseen / Unsplash

Never thought this would happen.

Neelu Tripathy is a wonderful podcast host.

She not only put a first-timer guest (me, the clueless) at ease, she also prodded me with thoughtful questions. I wondered if she felt like pulling teeth. Very graceful and prepared host, though.

I am grateful for the opportunity and enjoyed my time as a guest.

I spoke about ISO 27001, it’s a standard I like a lot.I also spoke about usual challenges during implementation, and some ways to address them.Please listen to it, ignore my hand gestures, and let me know what you think of it.

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