Quora Answers

I try to spend some time on quora regularly to answer questions on information security related topics. My areas of interest are:-

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Tests
  • Risk Management

Here’s a list of selected answers that i wrote on Quora:-

  1. Is programming knowledge required for web application penetration testing?
  2. What should a pentester target in an organization?
  3. Can one be a good graphics designer and a good penetration tester as well?
  4. Can i become a pentester if i pass CCNA, CCNA security, CEH and then OSCP?
  5. Why is risk management important in information security?
  6. How can I build a Good portfolio as a penetration tester?
  7. I’m an electrician. What are my chances of changing my position to a penetration tester job?
  8. Will companies hire me as a penetration tester with only OSCP? I am an iOS developer with 6 years of experience and want to get into penetration testing. I have no experience in security.
  9. Does penetration testing have a future, and is it a good idea to become one in 2020?
  10. What makes penetration testers want to become pentesters?
  11. How is the day of Penetration tester will be?
  12. How difficult is OSCP for a software engineer?
  13. Is it possible to change career from data scientist to that of a pentester?