Linus’ First Mail

I was reading this article, and noticed this mail, which happens to be one of the first mails from Linus (yes, the same guy-who-wrote-linux. Now sit down, please!) to the hacker community.

This mail shows (and emphasizes the point that the author of the article makes) why linus could propagate his *nix so well. He apparently is a very good writer. Even Raymond makes similar points, here, and here.

Makes me wonder, though, is it “that” important to be able to write well?

First Post!

Felt like singing “finalleeeeeeeeeeeeeee” but then reminded myself of the possible repercussions, and stopped short of it.


This is my first post on any blog. Wait, scratch that. I have replied to many blog posts. This is my first post on my blog. Yeah!

Had initially thought of waiting till i host my site, but then the thinking activity itself started competing with my childhood memories (if the carbon dating results are to be believed), so i decided — what the heck, let me start writing something …

BTW, to promote myself, i have already sent emails to some of my techie friends and seniors (shameless self promotion, :D) …. Let’s C!